If you have found yourself asking any of these questions in relation to the People of Praise covenant community, you are not alone. But the purpose of this website is not to answer these questions. The purpose of this website is to offer validation, hope, and support to those who have had to grapple with these questions.

The PoP Survivor community includes former adult members, individuals born and raised in the PoP, Trinity School alumni and parents, people from neighborhoods that were designated PoP mission fields, and people who participated in PoP Campus Fellowship programs or other outreach programs.

Survivors are:

  • Individuals who believe that they were spiritually, emotionally or psychologically harmed by the ideology of the People of Praise. 

  • Individuals who can’t quite put their finger on what happened to them and are trying to understand why their involvement with the community had a negative affect on their lives.  

  • Individuals who were physically, sexually, or psychologically abused by someone in the community.